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Schedule Us is an easy-to-use games schedule generator and tracking platform.  Easily create a games schedule for all of your facilities, divisions, and teams (even supports preferences).

Let us do the scheduling work while you run your business!  Track and update game scores, let your players see a leaderboard & division standings, assign referees to games, and track player points for the entire season.  Keep your customers happy by generating an optimal schedule.  Schedule Us supports all sports and team activities.  Generate, preview, and approve multiple randomized schedules for all of your seasons.

Step 1: Create & Define

Create and define your facilities, divisions, teams, seasons, players (optional), and referees (optional).

Step 2:  Assign

Assign facilities, divisions, teams, and players to teams for the season.

Step 3:  Set Preferences (Optional)

Set preferred facilities and times for divisions & teams for the season.

Step 4:  Generate Games Schedule

Generate a games schedule for all of your divisions and teams using our generator.

Step 5:  Track & Update

Update game scores, set player points per game, assign referees to games, and schedule or reschedule games manually.

Step 6:  Share Schedule

Embed or share your schedule with your players and teams by using your public schedule link where players can see their team schedules, view division standings, and see a player points leaderboard.  You can also embed this public site on your existing website!

Video Guides

Generating a Schedule (In 10 Minutes or Less):

Public Facing Web Page and Recording Game Scores & Player Points:

Try Schedule Us for Free

Simply login to the manager using the login of testuser with the password of test1234 to try our platform.

View the public testuser schedule for players and teams.

Some features are completely disabled and unavailable to the test user.  All data created using the test account is cleared at midnight.

Purchase a Business Subscription

For only $49.95 a month, you can use Schedule Us to generate game schedules for your facilities, divisions, and teams.  You will also be able to add & edit games, track games, update player points, send communications, and set your own company branding.

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